12pm to 4am


What we're all about:

Jus T café & Restaurant is a Dubai based, tea business added to a Restaurant concept and trying to do things a little differently. We have our Tea plantations in India from where we source 70% of our Tea. Our approach in Tea business helped us to get new friends and customers who wanted to introduce our Tea concept in their shops and countries. We supply our Tea in India, Algeria, Morocco and we are hoping to expand our business in the Middle East.
The idea for jus T cafe & Restaurant came one day when we ( owners) stumbled upon a tea shop in Turkey and were amazed by the extensive menu of wonderful teas and were immediately determined to bring a similar concept to Dubai but with a fresh look and natural taste by avoiding all unwanted preservatives that may be used.
Our aim was to bring all kinds of tea from India, UK, Turkey, Algeria to Dubai and make the public in Dubai taste these wide variety of Tea available worldwide and above all else bring the old traditional concept of Samovar Tea to Dubai.